Khloe Kardashian Checks Her 9900

May 16, 2015 – Khloe Kardashian checks her BlackBerry 9900 Bold in Calabasas.


2 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian Checks Her 9900”

  1. The Khloe K picture..The place I do believe you’re trying to state where she is, is in Calabasas, CA.. That’s where I live and it’s not Cabalas.. Please do your research… She does not have blonde hair like this any longer.. She had blonde hair in 2008.. This must have been when Blackberry’s were still extremely popular.. I LOVE my Blackberry.. I don’t give a damn about stupid Iphones, etc.. My Blackberry does everything.. The ONLY thing it doesn’t get is Instagram.. That’s it. Otherwise it does every single thing any other android phone does.. SJParker has a Blackberry and so does Gayle King.. One bitch at an At &t store saw that I was looking at tablets and AT&T is giving me a free phone because I’ve used their co for over 10 years..They want to give me a Galaxy S-5 or 6.. When the clerk there saw that I was using a Blackberry she gave me a snide look and she lost her sales of over $1,000 worth of really great things, including a Galaxy tablet and all the accessories to go with my Galaxy S-5..I’m still going to stay with my Blackberry..but I’m going to use those for other reasons.. She lost out on the covers, the Kate Spade phone case, the new blue tooth, the new car charger and the extra home charger, the Bose speaker.. It’s amazing.. and she lost out because of that crappy attitude of hers and I went to another At & T store and someone there got an amazing that’s that.. people who work in places like that need to watch what they’re doing..anyone who has ever waited on me on any of these stores knows I spend a lot of money there.. I’m an excellent customer and I love to buy new gadgets to go with my new phones, etc… Their loss and my gain.. and I think it’s hilarious… I personally went in the store and told her as I showed her my bag full of stuff that I chose another store because of her crappy, snide attitude towards me.. The judgmental attitude because I LOVE my Blackberry.. Well that whore did pay and paid huge because her manager was there and I explained why I chose to buy at another store and he was pissed as hell at her and told her off.. she may have lost her job..The way he was speaking to her, it sounded to me as if she had done this many times before… So her loss and my gain!!!

    1. Dear girl,
      Sorry for the “Calabasas” error.. However, all the latest pics you find on this site are recents, i DON’T post old images. Khloe has blonde hair now, just take a look to her latest candids on sites like or They update their sites daily. I love my  BlackBerry too and this is the reason why i opened this blog. Please, do not use this kind of words, here. Thanks for the visit.

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